Hot Melt Glue Stick

There are different colors of Glue Stick, for example clear white, opaque white, light yellow, dark yellow and black which are very sticky property. This glue can be used for non-toxic and multi-material such as glass bottles, metal, ceramic, plastic (PP, PE and PVC), fabric and all kinds of boxes.


  • กาวแท่งสีขาว is a clear, water white and high viscosity. It is designed to be a general purpose glue stick which is suitable for bonding between plastic, fabric, metal, wood, ceramic, paper and electronic components.
    It bonds very well on a varieties of substrates and has very good impact resistance.

Packing Information : 25 kg. carton

Yellow Glue Stick

Yellow Glue Stick is an opaque, light yellow colors hot melt glue stick. It is specially designed for bonding and lamination operations that require good adhesion for bonding UV, OPP or PE surface.
ที่มีพื้นผิวมันประเภท UV, OPP, PE

Packing Information : 25 kg. carton