Glue Pellet - Hot Melt Adhesive is the tradition general purpose used in many industrial applications including: Packaging (case corrugated, glossy paper, carton), Paper Laminating (UV, glossy paper), Bookbinding,
Straw Attachment, Air Filter, Tray Forming etc.

Packing Information : Standard packaging is 25 kg. Paper bags.

White Glue Pellet

White Glue Pellet is special designed for OPP laminated, slightly coated surface and straw attachment.
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Chalk-White Color Pellet

  • Chalk-White Color Pellet is designed for the spine gluing during the bookbinding operation. It has a moderate set time and bonds and penetrates well on wood-fee, newsprint and light weight art papers.

Opaque-Yellow Glue Pellet

Opaque-Yellow Glue Pellet is designed for case sealing, grossy paper, carton and tray forming in automated and semi-automated packaging operation.
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